edenskye (edenskye) wrote in gay_me_up,

Connor/Spike slash Drabble

Pairing:  Connor/ Spike/ Angel  mention of Buffy

Summary:  Connor and Spike try to upset Angel

Rating: PG-13

Setting:   Angel's apartment

Word Count:100

Disclaimer: All Characters belong to their respective production companies, sadly not me. I own nothing except for my love of the characters.

Beta: None

" Hey Spike, Can you help me piss off Angel? He's been riding my ass and making me be nice to that bitch Buffy."

Spikes eyes sparkled " I know what will push him over the edge. Will Angel be back late?"

" Yeah, he's gone out with the bitch."

" Great  that gives us some time to set up."

When Angel came home, He could hear Barry Manilow music, then he saw Spike and Connor making love.

" What the HELL is going on here?!"

" I told you this would piss him off. He hates it when I touch his cd's." Spike giggled. 

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