edenskye (edenskye) wrote in gay_me_up,

Is Andrew gay? a drabble

Pairing: Jonathon/ Andrew  Buffy/Spike

Summary:   No summary. I would like to dedicate this drabble to my best friend Sharon.  The James Marsters references are for you.

Rating: PG

Setting:  Andrew's Basement ?

Word Count:100

Disclaimer: All Characters belong to their respective production companies, sadly not me. I own nothing except for my love of the characters.

Beta:  None so all mistake are mine.

" I love the new Doctor Who. Don't you"

" I prefer Torchwood. I think that Captain Jack and Ianto are hot."

" What Andrew?!"

" and that kiss between Captain Jack and Captain John-- SIZZLING. James Marsters is one hell of an actor." 

" Andrew--  are you gay?"

" I wish Spike would kiss me like that."

" You didn't answer me!" 

" his blond hair, the leather trench coat, his lean muscular body.  Is it getting hot in here?"

" Andrew I don't want to hear this."

" Spike!  Quit dreaming we have to go on patrol." Buffy said

Spike thought if only Andrew though of him that way.
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